Lids For Curonian Fire Pits. Solid Steel. Premium Quality. Unique Design
Fire Pit Cover/Lid Medium 25'', Rusting Steel

Fire Pit Lid


Cover – rusting steel OR stainless steel
Handle – stainless steel

Diameter 25-Inch
Weight 4.4 lbs
Diameter 31.5-Inch
Weight 17.6 lbs
Lid for Vingis
Diameter 37.8-Inch
Weight 26 lbs
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Product Description

Curonian Fire pit Lids are made of rusting (carbon) or stainless steel with a stainless steel handle and is a great addition to the matching Curonian Fire Pit: Memel, Nagliai, Parnidis, Agila, Vingis. The handle needs to be attached and we include the tool to do so. The Lid will protect your fire pit’s bowl from rain, snow, falling leaves.
Also it converts your Curonian fire pit into a modern table and helps to snuff the fire when you are done.

If fire pit lid is made from solid rusting (carbon) steel, it arrives looking very shiny, almost chrome-like. It would rust once exposed to water. Usually this natural process takes couple weeks.

For medium size (25″) fire pits Memel, Parnidis, Nagliai we offer 25″ lid of rusting or stainless steel. For Agila fire pit we offer custom lid for Agila 25″ of rusting or stainless steel.

For large size (31.1″) fire pits Memel, Parnidis we offer 31.5″ lid of rusting or stainless steel.  If you have a 31.1 inch fire bowl and you are wondering if this will fit, it is just slightly larger, forgiving if there are some spots wider than 31 inches.

For Vingis Fire Pit (37.4″)  we offer 37.8″ lid of rusting or stainless steel.

Additional Information


25″ Rust, 25″ Stainless, 25″ Rust for Agila, 25″ Stainless for Agila, 31″ Rust, 31″ Stainless, 37.8″ Rust, 37.8″ Stainless


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